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Field House, Devon

Field House sits on a south-facing hill above the village of Littlehempston with far-reaching views over the South Devon countryside. The site was previously occupied by a 1950's bungalow and several concrete outbuildings.

Field House is almost entirely constructed from wood. It is clad in cedar and formed internally from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). The CLT is generally left exposed internally giving the building a monolithic feel - walls seamlessly flow into floors or become items of furniture such as desks or benches. It makes use of various green technologies such as solar PV, MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) and an air-source heat pump.

The house is one-and-a-half storeys to eaves level and takes a simple vernacular form with little articulation to the pitched roof. The L shaped plan defines a south-facing terrace and provides shelter from the cold easterlies. At the building’s heart is a double height space containing the main staircase and connecting the kitchen and dining room with a first floor study area. The large open-plan living spaces on the ground floor are contrasted with the smaller scale of the bedrooms above which are tucked efficiently into the eaves.

Field Studio Office, Devon

The Field Studio office is contained in another CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) structure within the grounds of Field House. It is clad predominantly in a dark grey standing seam metal and and takes a deliberately low profile which helps it to blend in with the dark silhouette of the pine trees behind. The building also contains a double garage/workshop area.

Yoga Studio, Totnes

New addition to a Totnes town garden containing a yoga studio, shower room and small garage.

Mökki Modular Studios

Mökki is our small-building wing. What started out as a design exercise back in 2012 has grown into a large part of our business. Our team has installed about 20 of these pre-fabricated, modular studios in 2021 alone. Please see our dedicated Mökki site for details.

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