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Mökki Modular Garden Studios

Mökki is the small-building wing of Field Studio Architects. Since 2012 we have been designing, building and installing our own range of high-quality modular garden studios throughout the UK.


Mökki studios are fully insulated and double glazed and are ideal for use as garden offices, artist's studios, craft spaces, music studios or guest rooms. They are pre-fabricated in Devon and take about 2 days to install on site including foundations. 




We can provide you with a fully installed, modern, insulated garden office / studio at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke garden building.




Most bespoke garden buildings cost between 15 and £20K. Even "off the peg" models tend to cost over £1000 per square metre and often that doesn't include foundations. Mökki studios cost about £10,000 fully installed.




The Mökki system uses standard building components in a highly efficient manner resulting in speedy manufacture and minimal or zero wastage. 




The studios you see in the pictures above were built using panels made from birch-faced plywood, had an unusual ventilated mono-pitched roof and custom made joinery. We are now prototyping a brand new model in which all the internal panels, and the windows too, will be constructed from CNC-cut plywood, leaving only the door (Scandinavian timber/aluminium composite) as an off the peg component. The video below shows the smaller of the two basic models we will be offering. All models will be available with a choice of either 2 or 3 windows and the option of a built in desk. The external cladding will be an open rainscreen available in tanalised timber, larch or cedar. The roof will be finished in a rubber membrane with a slight fall front to back so that a water butt can be tucked in behind. As with our previous Mökkis, this new version sits on low-impact foundations (4 or 6 paving slabs depending on the model size) and, as before, we will be able to install within a 2 day period. We will be building a prototype in our field in Devon in autumn 2019 and will then be taking orders for installation in early spring 2020. Please get in touch below to register your interest and follow us on instagram to keep up to date with our progress.